Running in the heat - 5 Trail tips

Posted on Mon, Jun 22, 2020

Wear a hat, a light coloured tee, always carry fluids, remember a reusable cup and keep smiling!

The next couple of days are set to be absolutely scorching so we put together just a few things that can make running that bit more 'comfortable' and safer if you're heading out in the heat.

1 - Don't go out in the heat - well that's a really useful piece of advice right... what we mean is if you can schedule your run for earlier in the morning or later in the day when the sun isn't at it's hottest, then try and run then.⁣ ⁣ The hottest part of the day is typically between midday and 4pm, so if you can avoid those times then do. We’re all for taking on part of the Spanish life style by getting up a bit earlier to get our runs in then seeking a Siesta in the middle of the day.

2 - Keep your top on - it can be tempting to strip off but a loose-fitting technical vest will actually wick sweat away from your body keeping you cooler than if you ran topless. It is also a barrier against UV rays so will decrease the risk of getting burnt. Still wear suncream though, but we hope that goes without saying.

3 - Hydrate before, during and after - our number one rule is to drink before your thirsty. Precision Hydration coin the term 'Pre-loading' which is all about starting your run nicely hydrated. During your run make sure you're replacing fluid lost through sweat with PH electrolytes so you don't 'wash yourself out' and post-run keep drinking and monitor your wee (frequency and colour) as that's a really easy way to monitor hydration levels. ⁣ ⁣If you’re running with a dog make sure you’ve got something they can drink out of or you know the trails with fountains/troughs that are safe and easy for them to drink out of.

4 - Take Breaks in the shade - It's unlikely that more than 1% of you are in training for races such as the MDS or Badwater, in which case you don't need to suffer through sunstroke in the name of 'preparation'. So seek some shade, stop for a selfie or two and allow your body to cool itself down.⁣ ⁣In the long term, you’ll run faster for allowing yourself these small breaks as your body won’t become as fatigued or overheated.

5 - Think about your snacks - If you're going long you'll need fuel but think about their 'melting' , 'gone gooey' point. Chocolate (chocolate-covered things) that's a big no. Jelly sweats congeal pretty quick, so we suggest some homemade trail mix of; salted nuts, dried fruit and some chunky flaked coconut.⁣ ⁣If you’re taking gels with you be warned that they will become a molten fluid of sticky sugary delight. So be careful when opening them in the heat as once melted they have a tendency to shoot out the packet , end up down your leg and attracting all the wasps within 10 miles… yes we’re speaking from prior experience here.

We hope you find those helpful and probably just act as a little reminder, whilst it’s definitely not an exhaustive list it’s a few that we always think about before hitting the trails.

See you all soon.


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