The TERREX Agravic Rain Jacket

Posted on Tue, May 05, 2020

As part of the Maverick Trail Division we all got given TERREX Agravic Rain Jacket at the start of lockdown… so naturally it was sunny for 6 weeks. No doubt when we are lucky enough to receive our summer kit of vests and shorts, the temperature will dutifully drop and weather conditions deteriorate. That being said, it did finally rain today. I was sadly excited when I checked the forecast to see that there would be rain as it would give me the perfect opportunity to test out my new TERREX Agravic Rain Jacket

Britt and AVT Wearing the TERREX Agravic Jacket

I went out on an hours run in the Welsh rain and 16mph winds (not howling, but certainly blowy) and this is what I thought of the jacket. First thing to test was whether the front pocket could hold my iPhone 8plus. It’s a big phone and I’ve never had a running waterproof that can accommodate it. The TERREX Agravic jacket can, so a big win there. For the hours run my phone stayed in that pocket and stayed really dry and didn’t bounce around at all, which is great. 

I struggle a lot with sleeve length on waterproofs due to being 5’ 11” with a positive ape index - basically, I’ve got long arms - but this jacket in a size small goes right down to the wrist. So for me, that is great, however for ladies who are shorter than me - the majority - I’m not sure if that would mean the sleeves are too long, or whether that extra length is useful for keeping your hands warmer / drier…

Arguably the most important feature on a waterproof jacket is the hood. If you don’t have a hood that stays on, is comfortable, keeps the water off your face AND fits your mane of hair down the back… well I wouldn’t buy it. Fortunately, the TERREX Agravic jacket satisfies all those requests. The hood has elastic through the back making it secure for the whole run, it has a wire brim that forms a peak to keep the water off your face and it’s big enough to fit all your hair down the back in a ponytail (a huge win for me). 

Britt Wearing the TERREX Agravic Jacket

The jacket is comfy due to having a four-way stretch, it’s part of the non-dyed range and it packs away into the breast pocket for easy storage, it also looks good and the zipper is big enough to grip even with post-run claw hands. 

A couple of criticisms about the jacket… The jacket isn’t adjustable despite having an elastic hem, there are no ‘clinchers’ to keep it in place if you did want to adjust it, although you shouldn’t need to. There is no fastening to keep the hood in place when you aren’t wearing it (a feature I really like in my inov-8 jackets), as without it the hood will just flap around. And although I’m a huge fan of the non-dyed range, there doesn’t seem to be any reflective properties to the jacket, unlike my inov-8 ones where all the branding provided just a touch of visibility. 

However, if we are comparing like for like across brands, let’s cut to the chase of the cost. The TERREX Agravic jacket costs £130, whereas the inov-8 storm shell costs £180 and the Salomon Lightning costs £150, so it does come in cheaper. 

I think to get a true feel for a piece of kit like this I need to take it out of the city and into the hills. Welsh weather is notorious for being changeable, with the top of Pen Y Fan or Snowdon often being markedly different to the base. Therefore I can’t wait to see how this jacket performs in those conditions. I’d hope it protects whilst at the summit, keeping me warm and dry. Then keeps me cool during descent and dries itself quickly so the jacket doesn’t reach saturation point too fast. 

However so far so good, it’s a slick piece of kit. It doesn’t feel like waterproofs I’ve had before but it performed well today and can’t wait for a trip out in the elements to see how it fares when Welsh weather really lets rip.

AVT Wearing the TERREX Agravic Jacket


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