Sponsors of Maverick Race


Maverick Race was born out of the passion for trail running and the great outdoors. We have worked hard to find the right sponsors who share the same values as us. We believe the sponsors you see below who are supporting us also share the same beliefs. They will be attending our event or supplying us and you the Mavericks, with some of the finest products on the market. Be sure to stop by and chat with them at an event.



Build to perform in the harshest conditions, featuring pinnacle functional materials and design.



Barebells believes in happy eating & healthy living and their protein bars were born to wow your taste buds! All Barebells products are high in protein and have no added sugar, perfect for before or after a run but also just on the go. A healthy snack that doesn't taste healthy... make sure to grab your bar when you cross the finish line!



Days is an independent beer business built for those who love great beer and living a healthier lifestyle. Using locally sourced natural ingredients and a unique alcohol-free brewing process they’ve created a range of award-winning crisp, fresh and sessionable beers that are 0.0% abv. As a brand, they celebrate the positive health reasons for drinking less alcohol and as one of the few B-Corp certified beer businesses in the UK, they commit 2% of all sales to mental health organisations. They meticulously craft their beers to take away the compromise- great taste, great flavour, zero side effects.



Ultimate Sports Engineering (USE) was founded in 1990 and is to this day driven by the obsession of creating the ultimate in innovative sports products. Today Ultimate Sports Engineering encompasses design and production of: Cycling components (USE), Cycle lighting (Exposure Lights) and Marine Lighting (Exposure Marine). Bury, nestled in the heart of the South Downs National Park is the backdrop for this and we pride ourselves on production here.



LifeJacket is a British brand changing the conversation around skin protection. Their vision is to halt the increase in skin cancer - one of the world's most common cancers - by getting you to protect your skin all year round. From training day to race day to every day, LifeJacket's high-performance skincare and UPF 50+ apparel will keep your skin safe. 

#BeSkinvincible and protect your skin using LifeJacket, available at all Maverick Races.  



Explore the great outdoors with OS Maps – GB’s most popular leisure mapping app and proud route partner to Maverick Race. Download the app for all the mapping you’ll ever need with unlimited use of every OS Explorer and OS Landranger map for the whole of Great Britain. That’s instant access to 607 maps to view, print, or download to your phone - all included in your subscription.  Plus, discover ready-made routes at your fingertips wherever you are – perfect for days out and summer staycations. You can also create and plot your own routes so you can explore the way you want to. We’re proud to host all of the Maverick Race Event Routes in OS Maps.  Be sure to download the app before event day to make sure you always have the route to hand.



Precision Fuel & Hydration's multi-strength electrolyte drinks will be available at the Outposts at every Maverick Race. They'll also be sending over a hydration briefing for each event with advice on how to stay hydrated so you can perform at your best. 

Take their free Trail Running Sweat Test today to get a Personalised Hydration Plan with advice on what, how much and when you might need to drink to achieve the result you've been training for.



Pooch & Mutt are a health food company whose products happen to be consumed by dogs, offering a selection of vet-recommended dry foods, environmentally friendly wet foods, low-calorie treats and beneficial supplements. You can read more about them here: Pooch and Mutt team up with Maverick Race.
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