Maverick Camp Endeavour 2020

Posted on Wed, Jul 01, 2020

Each year we look forward to escaping to the Mountains for some Maverick Camp Endeavour adventures, and we’re still very much hoping to take you there towards the end of the year…

Earlier this year we were lucky enough to go to Borneo pre-lockdown for one hell of a Trail Running Camp, however, since then it’s all felt a bit far fetched that we will ever get to take a group of you to run in the mountains. But, with travel restrictions being changed and even lifted across Europe it does seem that there might be a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel.

Maverick Camp Endeavour

We are in the process of re-organising and re-structuring Maverick camps so that they will strictly follow the rules of holidaying abroad, whilst still providing that much-needed escape to the Mountains. Watch this space for Camp Endeavour announcements from us here at Maverick as well as new Virtual Event that may well lead you to join us in Chamonix…

If you are really wanting to travel to the Mountains but nervous about travelling in a group with others you don’t know, our Camp Endeavour Mountain leaders Sam and Giles are offering Private guided adventures based out of Chamonix. Sam and Giles are incredibly knowledgable, professional and friendly guides that know the mountains and trails around Chamonix inside out. Click here to find out more about Sam and Giles’ Private Guided adventures.

Private Guided trips in Chamonix

Our Camp Endeavour Mountain Leaders Sam and Giles are offering Privately guided adventures in August and September.

        In the meantime stay safe, keeping seeking adventures and keep your eyes peeled for more information from us here at Maverick about our upcoming Camps and next Virtual Event.


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