Tips for running 100km - Written by Ben Rajan - MTD Elite runner

Posted on Mon, Jul 20, 2020

Regardless of who you are and over how many days you tackle it, 100km is a pretty long way. Its 950 football pitches, though I’d be surprised if you’d if you could find that many lined up. So if you’re planning on tackling the distance during the Maverick Chamonix Endeavour 100km Virtual Race MTD Elite runner Ben Rajan (Bajan) had got some tips to ensure you enjoy the journey and make the finish.

1. Respect the Distance

Like we’ve said, 100km is a really significant distance and covering it on your own two feet, under your own steam is a proper challenge. Even for the most experienced ultra runners 100km in a week is not something to taken lightly. So make sure you know what you’re in for. You need to want it, be prepared to hurt for it and, ultimately, ensure the you’re really bought into it.

This shouldn’t be discouraging but a rallying cry; in the days before you start your challenge get your head in the right space for what you’re about to take on. YOU GOT THIS.

2. Break down the Challenge

Some things are too big to think about all in one go and ultra distances fall firmly into that category. Toeing a start line and thinking about the 100,000s of steps before you complete it is a daunting and possibly overwhelming thought. The best way to tackle this is to break it down into my manageable and comprehendible chunks.

Whether that’s your next virtual alpine checkpoint over on Results Base or completing one loop of your local park, mentally these smaller chunks will feel more approachable. Allow these to take your focus and the overall distance will look after itself.

3. Be Prepared

One benefit of doing a virtual challenge is that at least you know your support network will be around you compared to a race in a far flung corner of the world. But you should still have a bit of a plan to ensure it goes smoothly without any hitches. Where are you going to run? When are you going to fit your runs in around work/family life/EastEnders? Do you have enough clean socks and Mountain Fuel gels? Who’s taking the bins out this week?

If this is going to be your biggest run/week ever then you’re going to be tired, so you’ll thank yourself for minimising your other worries.

Bajan finishing the Maverick X Series Snowdon Event 2017

4. Know your Why

At some point you’re going to have a low patch. Be that getting up super early in the rain, having to run after a full-on day at work or knowing you need to squeeze your last run in when you’d prefer to be in the garden with a beer. So you need to make sure you know why you’re doing this. Are you challenging yourself with your biggest run or week?

Are you teaming up to get a bit of sense of community after the long lonely lockdown? Is this a way to give your running a bit of focus again? Regardless of what your “Why” is, make sure you know it and have it in the back of your mind. When the going gets tough, being able to focus on why you’re putting yourself through this is a key weapon in an ultra runners arsenal.

5. Treat yourself!

You’re pushing yourself hard for this challenge so give yourself a pat on the back! As with all Maverick events, the focus is most definitely on you challenging yourself rather than competing with others. So regardless of whether it takes you 10hrs or all week be proud of what you’ve done and the time and energy you’ve dedicated to it.

Treating yourself is a great way to give you a bit of drive when you need it and also aligns you to a good mental model of effort and reward. Whether it’s a new pair of shoes, a cream cake or just a lie in the morning after you finish, ensure that you give yourself the kudos you deserve and always know that us here at Maverick HQ will be cheering you on from afar!

Bajan ascending Snowdon at the Maverick Ultra Series race 2019


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