Hayley Langley

King's Somborne, Hampshire


Run Leaders for the Maverick Run Project are the people who make our social runs possible. They know their local area better than we do so they go out and find routes that they think you'll enjoy. Below is the information about the Run Leader for this particular social run.


Hayley Langley

Like many people, I took up running to get fit. I used to road run in circles trying to get faster and faster. It wasn't enjoyable, it was a process in order to get that PB down. Until one day I signed up to a Maverick race. I wore road shoes, slipped in the mud and was extremely frustrated about how "slow" I was. Then I realised - this is actually a lot more fun. Being outdoors with a bunch of people who are getting stuck in the mud, encouraging each other up the hills, all with smiles on their faces having a great time.

Even more magical than the great outdoors is the pleasure of introducing people who claim not to be runners, to this wonderful playground. 

I often run with a few friends and my dog, Lola. We all have different levels of running experience, sometimes we stop to walk the hills or take in the view. But we always have fun and no-one gets left behind. 

I am looking forward to creating an inclusive fun running group and sharing my playground!


Below you'll find some information about some of the runs Hayley organises. To get the most up to date information, locations and dates, please sign into the My Running Club app.


Location Addresses

Kings Somborne Village Hall, Romsey Road, Kings Somborne, SO20 6PP

The Crown, Romsey Road, Kings Somborne, SO20 6PW



The Vineyard and Views - Hoplands loop - 4.8km / 3 miles 

Starting at the Village Hall in Kings Somborne, we take the road directly opposite and keep the beautiful Church on the right for the start of the gentle quiet road climb.

We follow the road, run next to the village Vinyard (great wine) on the right until we get to the Hoplands climb, a quiet road turning in to a trail.

A highlight on this route is a wide trail, beautiful field views to your right and you pass a memorial to a crashed German Bomber in World War 2.

We then take a hairpin turn to pick up the Clarendon Way, running along a lovely path past the equestrian centre (looks like a horse obstacle course), I've often seen deers on the path or in the field.  We then run down the fields with a steep and fun descent back into the pretty village. We then follow the stream through the village back to the Village Hall.  The views of the Test Valley are stunning and of the pretty village.  

Trails, Forests and Bluebells - Parnholt Woods loop - 11.3km / 7 Miles 

Starting at the King's Somborne Village Hall we take the road directly opposite with the Church on the right.

We follow the road, past the Vinyard where there is a trail that branches off to the right. We follow this trail, into the wonderful Parnholt woods. There is a cheeky gradual climb through the woods. In the spring you will be treated to a sea of bluebells.

Turn left and follow the trail until you reach the Clarendon Way. Follow the Clarendon way for a glorious and occasionally challenging, 4.8km / 3-mile leg until we arrive in the Village. We then follow the stream through the village back to the Village Hall. 

Trails, Hills and Views - Horsebridge loop - 6.4km / 4 miles

From the Village Hall, we take a left until where we will find a big hill! Once we have climbed the hill we will be treated to a beautiful view over the village.

We then follow the Clarendon Way over the River Test until we get to the village of Houghton. We run through Houghton to Horsebridge, past the pub where we complete another climb through a field. We then cross a road, then run down one hundred-acre field, through the Churchyard when we will arrive back at the Village Hall.  

The Test Trail - Test Way loop - 17.7km / 11 Miles

This route is quite flat and 50% trail, 50% quiet country roads. 

Starting at The Crown we take the Romsey Road until we get to a field on the right. We go through the field along the path and then join a quiet road until we get to a popular walkers Pub (John O Gaunt) on the right. We then take the right turn and follow the road until we can pick up the Test Way at the disused Horsebridge railway station. 

We follow the beautiful flat trail for 6.4km / 4 miles alongside and occasionally over the River Test, past Stockbridge until we can branch left to follow a road called 'The Bunny’. At the end of the road, we turn left to follow Longstock Road. This part is stunning, great views of lakes and the river test and wildlife. This enables us to follow The River Test on the other side. Passing Stockbridge high street on the other side. We then continue to follow the road through the pretty village of Houghton where we can pick up the Clarendon Way. This track then takes us over the river test a few times and then we have the nice challenge of one of my favourite bits of running, Cow Drove Hill. On the other side of this hill, we will get our breath back on the steep decline and find The Crown. 

Into the woods, through the country estate - 10km

Starting at the Kings Somborne Village Hall, we commence a long gentle climb up past the vineyard on a quiet country road before taking a short bridleway to join a single track country road, sparsely used by traffic, to climb out of the valley.  

We then enter a beautiful wooded trail that takes us into the stunning Compton Estate with a lovely downhill with views all around leading to more tracks and trails. 

An undulating track brings us out to a quick but cautious necessary road crossing where you then pick up the flat test way.  Here we pass old railway line relics and even a restored station at Horsebridge, with the river test alongside you.  We continue along the test way, crossing the river and then tackle Cow Drove Hill, we have then climbed both sides of the valley and all that's left is a short sprint down a beautifully named path 'Frogmore back to the Village Hall.

Into the Woods to Farley Mount - 19km 

Starting at The Crown we take the road directly opposite, with the Church on the right. We follow the road and turn left to pass the Vinyard where there is a trail that branches off to the right. We follow this trail, into the wonderful Parnholt woods. There is a long gradual climb through the woods. When we get to the top - the views from Farley Mount Monument are worth it. Instagram worthy in fact.

We continue along this path until we get to West Wood, where we run through the woods, over lush fields, and along friendly narrow country paths. 

When we get to the stunning quiet Hamlet of Ashley with its beautiful houses and 12th Century church, we take on our final climb before meeting the famous Clarendon way. 

We then get to enjoy a glorious downhill before entering the village. Where we follow the stream through the village until we get back to the pub. 


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Please bring the following items with you:

Backpack/Hydration Vest
Trail shoes
Head Torch
Dry Top to change for afterwards
Rain jacket


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