Meet the Team

Elyse Fletcher

Role: Marketing & Communications Manager


I quite literally crashed face-first into Maverick Race, after a cycling accident turned me away from racing triathlons and sent me searching for a new kind of fun. I'd never considered trail running before, but one Saturday morning in 2016 I took myself over to a Maverick event wearing a pair of £24.99 Adidas trail shoes I'd bought the day before from sports direct and just hoped for the best. I didn't have any of the kit, no skill in descending (probably still true) and no method for ascending apart from 'just keep moving forwards'. I cursed the name of Maverick race on that first event as I was tested on a physical level more than any road running, triathlon or cycle sportive event I'd competed in in the past. But I was hooked.

It's fair to say that since that event back in October 2016, Ben and Justin have never been able to shake me off. Maverick Race and the whole Maverick family quickly became a very big part of my own life and my actual families lives. My parents are known for giving lifts to trail runners from various stations to event starts, my sisters have both run multiple events and my now husband even proposed to me during a Maverick Race and of course, the whole Maverick family were present at our wedding!

The immediate draw to Maverick Race was the places that I've been lucky enough to visit and run. I have been shown the most amazing places in the UK and reminded that you don't always have to travel thousands of miles for an adventure. A lot has changed since that first event in 2016 but my love for the trails remains the same.

However, the thing that keeps me wanting to be a part of Maverick Race is the people I've met. The main team, the Maverick Trail division, our volunteers, our marshals and of course all our runners. I'll be the first to admit that I'm not the most tolerant person (I use all my patience up during my full time teaching day job) and I can be 'like a brick wall' ... but there's something about the Maverick family that brings the best out of me and as cheesy as it sounds, the team continually teach me how to be the best version of myself.

As Maverick continues to grow I'm of course excited to be a part of the journey but for me, the fundamental basis of Maverick is enjoying a love for the outdoors with like-minded people. At Maverick events I'll be there sorting; the social media, the team, race timings and many other behind the scenes bits that help in the smooth running of an event.

I can't wait to see what 2020 brings and look forward to seeing you all on the trails. 


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