Meet the Team

Ben Macwilliam

Role: Director


From as young as I can remember, I’ve always loved being active….now at the ripe old age of 40 - that hasn’t changed a bit! My first real love was of the 2 wheel variety…Ever since I was about 10 I could always be found out on the bike exploring.

I seemly found my ideal job back in 2010 when I was taken on as the first employee at UK Cycling events - up to that point I had been travelling the country from town to town carving out my career in Retail. At UK Cycling Events it was great to be a part of something so new, that would later grow to be the UK’s premier Sportive organiser. Unfortunately, my love for cycling wained during my time there, but thanks to a very brief career in Long distance Triathlon I found my running legs again! From then on there was no looking back….road quickly transitioned to trail with the purchase of a new some new Inov-8 Mud claws and I was hooked!

Fast forward 10 years and we’re just embarking on season number 6 at Maverick Race. I have to say that the jump from full-time employment to working for yourself is the scariest thing I’ve ever done, particularly with 2 young kids in tow…but not for a second do I regret it. Yes, it’s incredibly hard work and a lot of pressure come race day, but the reward is high seeing so many friendly and familiar faces crossings that finish line.


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