The Parley TWO and supporting sporting sustainability

Posted on Fri, Jan 31, 2020

When we went to visit Adidas HQ up in Manchester the product range that most caught my eye was the offerings made with ‘Parley’ ocean plastic. One of the central values to Maverick is to enjoy the outdoors in a way that is sustainable for years to come...

Being plastic-free, having glass recycling bins and cardboard recycling bags at all events are just three ways in which Maverick is committed to that. Reducing the amount we use, reusing what we can and recycling whatever is left, is really important to me. The fact that Maverick race shares that ethos and have now partnered with Adidas TERREX who have product offerings that incorporate recycled ocean plastic is certainly stepping in the right direction. That’s why this product ‘review’ is as much a review of the Parley TWO shoe as it is a look at what we can expect from Adidas with their commitment to being the industry-leading brand on sustainability performance apparel/activewear. 

Parley TWO

Free demo at all Maverick Races.

At all Maverick events the Parley TWO (trails without obstacles) shoes are available to demo free of charge. Weighing just 250g with a knit upper and trending sock like closure you’d be forgiven for thinking that these were a racing flat, or performance shoe. However whilst they are light, they have a 8mm drop which makes the ride plush. When I first ran in these whilst checking the Maverick adidas TERREX Original New Forest route, I was dubious of the lightweight feel - far too used to my trusty roclite 280’s -. However within a few minutes by doubts disbanded as the sock-like construction moved with me and the continental grip on the sole hugged the uneven trails. 

Parley TWO

A great shoe for forest trails, fire tracks and coastal routes. They fit like a performance shoe but respond like a high mileage shoe. They are also your first steps to supporting sporting sustainability...

The Parley TWO apparently keep approximately 11 plastic bottles out of our oceans. A claim which me being me… I had to check the legitimacy of. As in a world of marketing spin that would send Don Draper into a frenzy, with buzz terms such as ‘recycled fibres’, ‘ocean plastic’, ‘plastic pollution’, ‘carbon neutral’ and ‘zero to landfill’ increasingly #trending… it’s always good to check out what companies actually mean when they state "made from recycled waste"... 

It turns out that Adidas’ shoes are already using up to 95% Parley plastic, with Adidas’ commitment to recycled sources and plastic elimination running much deeper than the Parley TWO. The company's goal for 2020 is to make sure 50% of all polyester used comes from recycled sources. adidas is also striving to eliminate virgin plastic from its supply chain ALTOGETHER with the introduction of the ‘Bionic Loop’. Which whilst it may sound like some sci-fi themed rollercoaster is, in fact, the company's ambition to create products that can be reused and remade before they're returned to nature. YES! I certainly won’t feel guilty about buying another pair of shoes if I know that they aren’t going to end up on the top of a landfill decaying for the next 1000 years. 

Whilst the Parley TWO is the offering that everyone can access at Maverick Race, we know that many of our runners are ethically minded, conscious of our fragile world and fierce protectors of the great outdoors. That’s why we also know that on the horizon for us all is the launch of Adidas’ PRIMEBLUE and PRIMEGREEN fabrics where 100% of the polyester used is recycled. 

Supporting sporting sustainability to protect our great outdoors. 

I feel so privileged to be part of the Maverick family as we partner with the global giant of Adidas as they embark on technologies that; do good, perform well and feel great. Watch this space for more recycled products as I’ll be wanting to get my hands on as much of it to test as possible. I guess it just leads to a final thought… if Adidas is doing it… why isn’t everyone else?


See you on the trails soon. 





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