Robbie - South Downs Way

Posted on Thu, Sep 08, 22

Robbie has been running with us here at Maverick Race since 2016 and has taken part in numerous events with us. This summer he decided to up his adventure level and joined us in Chamonix for our Camp Endeavour. Upon his return, he decided he was ready to tackle the full length of the South Downs Way. Not only that but he’s clearly got the adventure bug as is joining us in the Atlas Mountains for our Camp Endeavour Morocco in October.

Robbie completed the famous 180km route over a course of 6 days, breaking the trail up into fairly even 30km segments. We caught up with him to ask him a few questions about his week on the South Downs Way. Here’s what he had to say about his adventure...

What prompted you to do the SDW?
I’ve always run bits of the SDW (not least with Maverick - remember that brutally hot day in June 2019...?!) but not the whole thing so thought it’d be a good challenge to take on.

Did you complete the route solo or in the company of others?
The first three days were solo but then I ran part of the fourth segment with my daughter and the fifth and sixth with some friends - all of whom have run with Maverick so they knew the score!

What were the biggest challenges of completing the SDW?
Navigation via signposts and OS maps online was fine. The biggest challenge was having to repeat Day 1 five more times, so the first Km or so of each day felt quite creaky!

What was the best piece of kit you used during your adventure?
My MRP cap was almost the best but I’d have to say my Rab Aeon Ultra 28L lightweight pack that incorporates a 3L reservoir.

Is there a piece of kit you didn't have this time but on a future adventure would ideally have
Better shoes I think. I ran in some Hoka Evo Mafate 2s, which were just about ok but I have now invested in some Solomon Speedcross 6s.

How did you train for the SDW?
The Maverick Chamonix Camp (brilliant, incidentally!) was a great help, as was just knocking off a Maverick (I tend to do the 20-25k distance, so Middle or Long depending on the series) each month or so. Other than that and the odd Saturday morning 5k Park Run, I didn’t train specifically for the SDW.

What are your next adventure plans?
Camp Endeavour Morocco, with Maverick, in October!

What's your ultimate running goal?
To keep on what I’m now doing, as I’m getting old!

Do you have any advice/words of wisdom for someone looking to complete a multi-day adventure?
Take the time to plan the route, the distances and your kit carefully. And stay in nice places if you have the budget, as you need a bit of luxury (including a good bath) at the end of each day!

And finally... what has been your favourite Maverick Race event you've taken part in and why?
I think it would have to be the X-Series Exmoor event in May 2022, just such a stunning route - Ben’s best recommendation!

If you are ever off on a trail running adventure or have been on a trail running adventure then we LOVE to hear what you’re up to. We’re also always looking for Maverik runners to write up race reviews from our events. If either of these things sounds up your street then get in touch with E at Happy Running all.



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