Maverick x MOJU Partnership Launch

Posted on Tue, Mar 09, 21

Here at Maverick we like to keep fresh and fun whilst ensuring that we are giving our bodies the nutrition they need, this is why partnering with MOJU is such a perfect match! MOJU have bottled active, natural, functional ingredients that will help you take on any Maverick Race or challenge.

We know it’s not the easiest thing, giving our bodies the nutrition it needs. But when it comes to performing at your best, it’s a total must. Because we know how it feels to enhance our daily routines with a fix of functional ingredients, we’ve taken it upon ourselves (yeah, we’re good like that) to help you out. To spread the good word of natural performance, wherever we

MOJU’s commitment to keeping their shots as close to their whole, natural form means you can have confidence in what goes into your body. Get to learn what it needs, and when. You can rest easy knowing MOJU don’t muck about when it comes to producing their shots. Mother Nature is, and always will be, boss. 

Injury, surgery or a bit of a knock. Whatever you’re recovering from, MOJU’s all-natural ingredients really can change the game. At MOJU, they harness the power of nature to fire up athletic performance – including recovery. Blending the earth’s most potent plant-based ingredients, their cold-press shots can provide key bodily support in those early months of rehab.

Turmeric and Ginger: nature’s very own one-two to get you back on form. As fiery as they are functional, this dynamic duo blend anti-inflammatory properties with a caffeine-free kick to supercharge recovery!

We’re so excited to partner with MOJU and have samples for all runners at our events. Yes they’re strong in flavour and certainly pack a punch, but that’s because they’re so filled with good things! Bring it on! 

“We bring people closer to nature, using its power to help them perform. Supporting life’s go-getters and doers. Making the best possible products to empower our employees, partners and consumers to pursue active lives full of adventure” - MOJU


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