dryrobe Review

Posted on Thu, Jan 10, 2019

Trail running is often wet, muddy and a little bit chilly. This means that as a trail runner we spend a high proportion of our time; wet, muddy and if we aren’t careful, a little bit chilly. Whilst we are out doing our thing, bounding across the trails with the blood flowing through our veins it’s easy to forget the wintery conditions. However, as soon as we finish and stop to share our adventures with friends the shivers can quickly set in and no amount of hot chocolate will warm you back up again. This means that all too often we retreat back to our heated cars and head off home.

It seems such a shame that just because of being cold those precious post trail run hangouts should be cut short. However, we are now lucky to have our Maverick dryrobes. They are a complete post- trail running dream. They are so incredibly warm, they are waterproof, they have mid-length sleeves, they have hoods and they even have inside zipped pockets and deep outside pockets for all the essentials – snacks, keys, phone, dry socks.

A great marketing manager once came up with the idea that ‘there is no such thing as bad weather, just bad kit’. Whilst that is a very romantic statement and I’m sure helped shift a few base layers, I can confirm that there is such a thing as bad weather. There is horizontal rain and biting temperatures that don’t make hanging around after a traill run seem all that inviting. However having now tested my dryrobe in horizontal rain and Sub Zero temperatures it makes the whole experience exponentially more pleasant. It fits over all my kit and it is like wearing a massive duvet with added functionality. 


My dryrobe means that I am protected from the elements and can enjoy the post trail run beers, coffees, hot chocolates and chats without being reduced to a shivering mess. My dryrobe means that I can be a part of that all-important Trail Running community without rushing back to the warm safety of my car and missing out on the very reason I started Trail Running in the first place. My dryrobe also means that I can change out of any muddy and wet kit into dry post running apparel which is best for recovery and sanity. 

I would honestly be lost without my dryrobe as I completely love it. Having shown it to the rest of the team, other runners and even my parents I can assure you that you will quickly become a source of envy. But don’t ever forget yours as trust me, noone will ever want to share. 

dryrobe makes the pre and post running hangouts so much more cosy. They are Warm, Waterproof and have inside and outside pockets for all the essentials. But be sure to get your own, no-one will be sharing their with you.


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