Ambassador Elyse Paulson - Stepping into 2017

Posted on Thu, Jan 05, 2017

2017 - Here comes the run

I was completely thrilled to be asked to be an ambassador for Maverick, as initially I didn’t quite make the cut. Having read the other ambassadors stories of multiple marathons, ultra events and trail races I can see why I wasn’t an obvious choice. I am extremely new to the trail running and relatively inexperienced in long distance events having completed just the singular marathon. But what I lack in experience I certainly make up in enthusiasm and overwhelming excitement for the whole of next year.

Completing the original Maverick race in Herefordshire last year was a turning point. I entered the race on a bit of a whim as my last event of a triathlon and cycling dominated year. I thought I would add a bit of variety to my running and it turned out to be the most challenging and thus in my slightly sadistic mindset, the most enjoyable event I did all year. My legs carried me through the most amazing scenery alongside some of the friendliest runners I have ever met. Times weren’t important and neither was speed. What mattered was enjoying the great outdoors and making reaching your own personal goals.

During the Original Maverick event I decided 2017 was going to be one hell of a running year for me. With a place in the London marathon already secured I certainly intend on improving on my debut time of 3:32. Then when I was given the opportunity to be a Maverick ambassador everything just started to fall into place. I have been blessed with the chance to run multiple marathons and epic trail races in the most beautiful places the UK Now all I have to do is get my self to the start lines.

So 2017, well there is just so much choice; a potential 11 original Maverick races and 4 marathon X-series events, not to mention the London marathon and a promise to my sister to team up with her to complete an OMM event this year. I need to sit down and decide which races I can physically and logistically target. Anyone who knows my ambitious, frequently stubborn and occasionally darn right ridiculous mindset will know that getting me out for a run will not be the problem. However the issue will come in reining me in.

With my Sport Psychologist head on I am giving myself a firm talking to, to make sure I don’t over do it this year and to be clear in my mind exactly where I’m going so that the training I do to get me there is relevant and directed. So the same advice goes out to you all, take some time to sit down to plan the events you will target as then training to get you there will fall into place.

I’m planning to keep my training week fairly routine in terms of the individual components – a long, a hilly, a fast, a cycle, a rest, a tempo and a pure trail. However I intend to be flexible about how, where and when they all happen. My first event will be the Maverick original in Hampshire on the New Forest trails where I grew up running and actually learned to ride my bike. After that I will certainly be heading to the Yorkshire dales – or in the words of my northern Mother ‘Gods Country’ - for the first X-series event. The next few events get a little tricky to coordinate with the London Marathon, but with the variable distances on offer I will definitely be at the start line as I’m not missing an opportunity to experience the Maverick madness on any account.

So in the words of the Beatles “Little darling, it's been a long cold lonely winter, Little darling, it feels like years since it's been here but here comes the run” and I’m looking forward to it!


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