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We need help delivering some of the best Trail Running events in the UK. We are always on the lookout for the right event makers, to help us deliver the best possible experience for our competitors. Use the form below to become a Maverick...


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So you want to become a Maverick? If you enjoy nothing more than being in the great outdoors, and would like to watch and support your fellow countrymen……(and women) conquer their goals, then why not join us at Maverick Race. We are looking for keen, like minded people who really want to help us to deliver these fantastic races. All you need to do is give us a holla, and let us know which events you would be interested in helping at. If you have specific skill sets that you think would benefit us please let us know. Medical, sports physiotherepy, ex military, or just a nice person with exceptional motivational skills – you will all have a place with us at Maverick Race. There will be a few options for you: if you want to help all day, great! If you would rather help first thing for a bit then run, you can help with parking, registration, or set up then, do the event free of charge!


What you get

If you are coming to work at Maverick Race, then you will also need to come prepared. We will aim not to cancel any events for rain, wind, snow, or even sunshine! It’s therefore imperative that you come well equipped, with some of the following items: Waterproof clothing, footwear, warm clothing, packed lunch, umbrella,and mobile phone. We will provide you with a high visibility vest so that you are visible to our participants, and other event site users.
We look forward to hearing from you, and welcoming you into the Maverick family.