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The MTD and the 100KM week

Published on Tuesday 4th August 2020

Last week at Maverick Race our Chamonix 100KM virtual event took place. This required runners to complete the distance of 100KM over 8 days.

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Tips for running 100km - Written by Ben Rajan - MTD Elite runner

Published on Monday 20th July 2020

Regardless of who you are and over how many days you tackle it, 100km is a pretty long way. Its 950 football pitches, though I’d be surprised if you’d if you could find that many lined up

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Maverick Camp Endeavour 2020

Published on Wednesday 1st July 2020

Each year we look forward to escaping to the Mountains for some Maverick Camp Endeavour adventures, and we’re still very much hoping to take you there towards the end of the year

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Running in the heat - 5 Trail tips

Published on Monday 22nd June 2020

The next couple of days are set to be absolutely scorching so we put together just a few things that can make running that bit more 'comfortable' and safer if you're heading out in the heat

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The TERREX Agravic Rain Jacket

Published on Tuesday 5th May 2020

As part of the Maverick Trail Division we all got given TERREX Agravic Rain Jacket at the start of lockdown - so naturally, it was sunny for 6 weeks

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COVID-19 - A message from our Race Directors

Published on Wednesday 29th April 2020

I caught up with Ben and Justin the race directors of Maverick Race to get some of their thoughts on how COVID-19 is impacting them

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The Adidas TERREX TWO Ultra Parley

Published on Wednesday 15th April 2020

Adidas have made huge leaps in the Trail running world in the past 18 Months, their intent to make a huge impact on the trail scene was evident when they took on the likes of Tom Evans, Holly page, and Timmy Olsen

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Training for the biggest race of your life during lockdown

Published on Wednesday 1st April 2020

The current lockdown situation of COVID-19 is quickly causing havoc among multiple aspects of our daily lives.

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The Speed LD - Written BY AVT

Published on Thursday 26th March 2020

The shoe itself is pretty minimalist, with no overly complex structures on the upper. There material is lightweight, breathable and, so far, pretty robust.

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The Free Hiker

Published on Thursday 26th March 2020

At the moment the hills and mountains may seem like a million memories ago and a million miles away. However, I'm using this time to daydream about adventures to come

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