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News and Press Releases

Winter Running - Sam Hill - Hill Performance

Published on Tuesday 9th February 2021

It’s frosty out there! Ever heard that phrase “be bold, start cold”? I'm not a fan! How about “be sensible, start comfortably warm”?

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Maverick Race partner with Hill Performance

Published on Wednesday 3rd February 2021

Maverick Race is partnering with Sam Hill of Hill Performance to offer our community an exclusive deal to help take your running to the next level.

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My Running WHY

Published on Monday 1st February 2021

Running’s painful, it’s exhausting, it makes you vomit, it injures your body. So WHY on earth do we put ourselves through it?

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MAVERICK DORSET Race Review - Written by Runner Ben Wood

Published on Tuesday 18th August 2020

Long time Maverick runner Ben Wood has written the following blog / review on our Original Dorset event, which was held on Saturday 15th August.

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Socially Distanced Racing

Published on Monday 17th August 2020

On Saturday 15th August Maverick Race returned to racing after a 5-month drought due to the COVID-19 lockdown. Our little team have been working hard on getting the procedure rights so that our return made all runners, staff, supporters and members of the public feel as safe as possible.

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A Runner's Highs - My First Virtual Race - The Maverick Cham 100KM Virtual event

Published on Thursday 6th August 2020

It's great to have some of our Mavericks writing content for us about our events, as it's always fab to hear people's views and experiences. Darren has written about his 100KM which he completed as part of the Maverick Chamonix 100KM Virtual event.

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The MTD and the 100KM week

Published on Tuesday 4th August 2020

Last week at Maverick Race our Chamonix 100KM virtual event took place. This required runners to complete the distance of 100KM over 8 days.

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Tips for running 100km - Written by Ben Rajan - MTD Elite runner

Published on Monday 20th July 2020

Regardless of who you are and over how many days you tackle it, 100km is a pretty long way. Its 950 football pitches, though I’d be surprised if you’d if you could find that many lined up

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Maverick Camp Endeavour 2020

Published on Wednesday 1st July 2020

Each year we look forward to escaping to the Mountains for some Maverick Camp Endeavour adventures, and we’re still very much hoping to take you there towards the end of the year

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Running in the heat - 5 Trail tips

Published on Monday 22nd June 2020

The next couple of days are set to be absolutely scorching so we put together just a few things that can make running that bit more 'comfortable' and safer if you're heading out in the heat

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