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Sales manager in the week but obsessed with the outdoors, running trails/mountains and racing in exciting places. Trail running helps me explore some of the most incredible places on the planet by I also love inspiring people to get out there and achieve things that scare them! Showing people that they can achieve huge goals with hard work and commitment, giving them the confidence to start the journey and supporting them in their progression. That’s what I like most about being in MTD.

Instagram - @run_p.r.c

One Trail Running Tip – Practice running downhill! So important and the ability to descent is crucial to having a good race and being able to go for longer. Find a technical hill close to home and practice…again and again. The benefit come race day will be huge!

Favourite Maverick Race– Snowdonia every time. There is something about that race that gets me every time. That race has it all and I stand by what we wrote for my current profile. I’d run there every day if I could. New Brecon Beacons event might run it close though and very excited by that!

2020 Goal– My race schedule for 2020 will include (if ballots are friendly) MIUT, Marathon du Mont Blanc 90k, UTMB and SDW100. Goals are sub 3 marathons, 100 miler in sub 20 hours, climb Mont Blanc…

Years as part of the MTD– Completing my first year and next will be my second. So proud to be part of the very best team in trail running and I’m unquestionably a better runner as a result.

Favourite Trail running Snack– GU Roctane (Blueberry Pomegranate)…can bring you out of a hole and back from the brink in under 5 mins. The ultimate rocket fuel for me.


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