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What I do: 

I am a Management Consultant assisting companies to solve their business and technology challenges, and to improve their business performance. Currently working at the NHS on their new healthcare models

Favourite Maverick Race: It is hard to choose between the X-Series Snowdon and the Original Dorset events. Both are awesome locations, but Snowdon probably edges it as it was the place where I completed my first marathon.

2020 Goal: The main goal is to move up distances and complete an Ultra race, or two. The X-Series Dorset and Serpent Trail are the targets. With the assistance, and coaching from Julia I know that it will be achievable. The other is to have a third go at the Snowdon Maverick marathon, I have unfinished business with it!!

Years as part of Maverick: I have been helping out and running at Maverick since their second or third ever event. And what an amazing journey it has been with them. Their growth has mirrored my running journey, going from strength to strength.

One Trail Running Tip: Two actually, the first is to embrace night running and coming out of the winter months strong. The other is to get a coach - having been working with Julia for the last few months she has transformed my running. 

Favourite Trail Running Snack: a slice of Dorset Apple cake from TrailMix at the end of a race


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