Sophie Kellaway

Derbyshire, Shropshire and Staffordshire


Run Leaders for the Maverick Run Project are the people who make our social runs possible. They know their local area better than we do so they go out and find routes that they think you'll enjoy. Below is the information about the Run Leader for this particular social run.


Sophie Kellaway

I started running in 2017 to lose weight and very quickly discovered that trails are super fun. One thing led to another and I found myself doing my first marathon with Maverick - all 29 miles of Peak District.

Having booked it whilst feeling sorry for myself with a broken ankle I didn't really expect to make it round but with support, I learned we can all do these things, and have an amazing time of it. That's the spirit I now try to share with people, the trails are amazing, beautiful, tough but oh so rewarding and we can all enjoy them.

By day I'm a super boring research scientist so fun in the hills is what I live for!


Sophie organises a run every other week in the evenings. There are four routes that will alternate each week. There will also be a longer route taking place monthly and over a weekend. Please visit the MRP My Running Club app to view upcoming dates and times.


Route 1

Distance: 9.6km (6 miles), Elevation: 450ft

This route takes you through Cannock Chase forest and down the easy fire trails to the Rifle Range trig point. After a further quick drop into Sherbrook valley comes the climb out to a second trig and the curious glacial boulder, the views across the valley from the top here more than makeup for the climb. These trails make for easy running so are ideal for those new to trail running or who want to feel like they're flying!


Route 2

Distance: 8km (5 miles), Elevation: 1000ft

This route winds its way through the Clent Hills, taking in the summits of Walton and Clent Hill itself where you'll see amazing views and the four stones - a fake standing stone circle built by an eccentric lord in the 1700s. With a mixture of open trails and technical forest, this has something for everyone.


Route 3

Distance: 8km (5 miles), Elevation: 1000ft

This is a trip all around the Wrekin, but don't be fooled by circling the base of the hill rather than climbing to the summit, there are still plenty of ups and downs, and technical forest trails to make this fun and challenging.


Route 4

Distance: 9.2km (5.7 miles), Elevation: 750ft

This route takes in some of the quieter trails in the north of Cannock Chase - through the mystical ancient forest, the newer pine trees which provide a gorgeous scented carpet to run on, a quick trip to the swing with the best view in Staffordshire and finishing across the ever-popular stepping stones.

(NOTE: The route might change a little as it's a working forest so I will go see where the FC have shut off the week before)


Weekend Routes

Route 1

Distance: 17.7km (11 miles), Elevation: 2100ft

The Shropshire Hills are a magical combination of rolling green beauty and technical rocky paths and this route takes in the best of both. We'll first visit Caer Caradoc, the site of an ancient hill fort. It's a sharp ascent which means taking it at your own pace and plenty of recovery at the top as it has incredible views in every direction. We'll drop down through Batch valley which feels far wilder and slowly climbs back up to the summit of the Long Mynd to the trig point and toposcope with views of Snowdonia on a clear day - if you're lucky the wild ponies will be out to play on the way up too. Then let rip for the two-mile moderately technical descent, it's basically playing time for adults!


Route 2

Distance: 17.7km (11 miles), Elevation Gain: 1900ft

This route might surprise you, with a mixture of terrain you wouldn't expect in only 10 miles. We'll start in the gorsy shadow of the Stiperstones before heading down across the open fields into the wood. Fun forest trails will lead us to the disused Snailbeach mine where you can still see and explore some of the buildings. A sharp climb will take us onto the spine of the Stiperstones itself where the path becomes rocky and technical and will require focus and skill. This leads to the trig point, high atop a rocky outcrop known as Devil's Chair, reaching the trig requires scrambling with your hands if you're daring enough! 


Route 3

Distance: 21km (13 miles), Elevation: 1900ft

This route takes in so many of the aspects that make the Peak District beautiful and special. We'll start with a gently undulating footpath through fields, along the river and past the grade II listed Froggatt bridge. A steady climb then leads to a beautiful fairy woodland filled with old abandoned millstones. After a short detour to see the flowing stream through Padley Gorge we will climb up to finish with some great running along the gritstone edges with the best views.


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Please bring the following items with you:

Backpack/Hydration Vest
Trail shoes
Head Torch
Dry Top to change for afterwards
Rain jacket


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In an effort to keep our trails clean and preserve the nature around us, we're aiming to keep our outposts cup free. Please bring a cup or bottle to re-fill.



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