Jeevendra Singh



Run Leaders for the Maverick Run Project are the people who make our social runs possible. They know their local area better than we do so they go out and find routes that they think you'll enjoy. Below is the information about the Run Leader for this particular social run.


Jeevendra Singh

I've always enjoyed an active lifestyle as far as I can jog my memory. I come from a humble background growing up in a small village in india. i can fondly remember going out to farms or taking cattle out for grazing with my granddad and uncles. Being outdoors brings those childhood memories back and its a way to connect to granddad and my mum who might be watching me from up in the clouds.  Life after 20's was such that it brought in a lot of changes. I joined an Investment bank as a career and found myself slipping into a sedentary lifestyle owing to the long hours of work behind a desk. The party 'Jeev' in me also appeared a lot in my life leading to the consumption of alcohol and late nights. A combination of these factors led me to put on a lot of weight. 30 was the turning point in my life. I moved to the UK and got introduced to the countryside and fells. My childhood memories came back. I started being outdoors more and it quickly became my stress buster and a source of distraction, allowing me to run away from my problems. Now my mindset has changed. I have now created this space for myself where trail running allows me the freedom and space to face my problems/challenges head-on, be it professional or personal. I've had the fortune of finding some amazing solutions to my life problems that I might have probably not if it wasn't for hiking or running. I am also a big fan of mindfulness and love doing some mental exercises during my walks and runs on trails and fells. I lost 30kgs in a span of 2 years as an added benefit.

What motivates and inspires me to carry on being active? Being outdoors brings clarity to my thoughts. Trails, parks and even city streets are my playground. On some of my longer adventures outdoors, I have gone through the ultimate physical and emotional experiences. Through these experiences I learn more about myself.  'Live to inspire, be kind and help' is  my motto.  If few people could bring some positive changes in their life by following what I do, that would be fantastic. Finishing marathons and hard ultras is satisfying but what makes me most happy is when people tell me that they also have brought some positive changes in their lifestyle by following what I do. I hope through running and hiking adventures I could do it for more people.  Helping people or various causes is core to my values. Be it teaching slum kids in India, setting a FKT running from Buckingham palace to Windsor castle or running 100 miles in aid of cancer research, I see giving back as my purpose. The only superpower I have is my running legs and deep passion & love for outdoors, which I use to raise awareness and support for charity causes.


Jeevendra organises mid-week and weekend sessions from Victoria Docks in the centre of London. The routes range from 8km for the weekday runs and up to 44km for the weekend session. 

See the My Running Club app for more information on routes/times.


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Please bring the following items with you:

Backpack/Hydration Vest
Trail shoes
Head Torch
Dry Top to change for afterwards
Rain jacket


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In an effort to keep our trails clean and preserve the nature around us, we're aiming to keep our outposts cup free. Please bring a cup or bottle to re-fill.



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