Maverick Race Series training plan by Run Namaste Eat


Maverick Race Series training plan by Run Namaste Eat

A 12 week training plan for the Maverick Race Series 8km, 17km and 22km on April 14 2018.  The training plan also incorporates the Maverick Sussex & Hampshire races in the build up.

The plan can be looked at in two ways.  

1.    We have structured the sessions so that they are mostly effort rather than speed or distance based. This means that  the plan will work for everyone, regardless of your current running level or ability (i.e. everyone in the same group is working as hard as each other but some people will be going a little faster).

2.    You can also use the plan to build up to bigger distances.  Each group progresses over the 12 weeks in such a way that by the end of the plan you will feel ready to begin at week 1 of the next group.  If you are in group 3 - you will find yourself getting stronger and faster!

We are excited to be a part of your journey. You’ve got this... lets get started! 

A few extra notes: 

    •    Easy runs are just that! They should feel (relatively!) effortless and you should be able to chat away with your friends without getting breathless. 

    •    Steady runs are a bit harder. You will be working hard enough in a steady run that you can still chat while you run but will need to stop every few sentences to get your breath! 

    •    Tempo is the next step up from steady. You will be working too hard for a lot of chatting but you could answer a question if you needed to and you could run at this pace for an hour or more in a race. 

    •    Missed sessions? Don’t worry and don’t try and make it up. Just move along with the plan. It isn’t the end of the world. You’re doing fine! 

    •    What are strides? Find a 100m stretch of flat road and run at about 80% effort focussing on high knee lift and a good fluid arm action. Take a 30s recovery between each repeat.

    • Rest days.  An essential and important part of your training. Don’t be afraid of them.  Treat rest days like your other key sessions and grab a little extra sleep, spend some time in a calm environment (without your phone) stretching and breathing with a slower breath count.  Feel happy at how hard you have been working and all your body to reap the benefits, enjoy!


Good luck and enjoy it! Rach & Tom xx

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We are RunNamasteEat (  Online coaching, boutique running and yoga retreats. Yoga and run performance demystified. 

Tom :Inov8 ambassador, 2 x GB ultra trail athlete, 2.17 marathon runner, level 2 running coach & Ex-manager of Kenyan athletes.

Rach: Exercise physiologist, registered yoga teacher, ultra runner & giver of high fives. Utmb 2018


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Trail Running Kit List Essentials

Our favourite gear for long training runs and races!

  • Inov8 x-talon 230 shoes: The best grip you’ll find for muddy or rocky trails.
  • Inov8 all terrain pro vest.  Brilliant versatile 0-15L capacity running bag.  Tom used it in the Ultra trail world championships 2017.
  • Inov8 wrag: Every trail runners favourite accessory - hat, scarf, wrist wrap, bandage all in one!
  • Inov8 AT/C ultra shell waterproof jacket:  lightweight (108g), waterproof and added bonus of being translucent so you can wear over your race number.  This one gets a lot of use in our house!
  • Dates and almond butter.  Fuel for running further!


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