Sophie Parsons

Bournemouth & Wareham, Dorset


Run Leaders for the Maverick Run Project are the people who make our social runs possible. They know their local area better than we do so they go out and find routes that they think you'll enjoy. Below is the information about the Run Leader for this particular social run.


Sophie Parsons

Hello, I am Sophie and I’m based in Poole, Dorset. I’ve been running Maverick races and volunteering as a marshal at various races for them since 2018.

I started trail running a while back and find it’s the perfect alternative to my other love – riding bikes (mountain/road/gravel - you name it). I race ultra’s competitively and in the past couple of years I've leant more towards longer distance trail running. I find the longer the distance and the harder the course, the more I enjoy the process.

I run a lot with my rescue dog - Phoebe - in the Purbecks and you can find us over there most weekends. When I am not running or cycling, I am generally at work and co-own a product design consultancy in Poole, called Aetha Design.


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Weekday Locations and Routes

Meeting place:  Canford Cliffs Road, Poole,  BH14 9LZ - Park in the Penn Hill car park opposite the Co-op
Distance: 11.86km
Elevation Gain: 189m

This route is all about seeing how you can adapt a local town run into a trail run using back roads, ally’s and woodland trails. You will be surprised by how much trail running is on your doorstep. The route is ideal for beginners or intermediate trails runners and depending on the weather, all trainer types can be worn.

Park in the Penn Hill car park opposite the Co-op, we will start by running down through the woodland trails that hug the main road from Penn Hill to Branksome beach. Once we hit the sea, we will head up and run along with one of the best views of Harry’s Rock from Poole before heading down to the beach at Canford Cliffs. We will do a brief leg of the beach where your legs will start to burn before heading around the harbour, up Evening hill before joining a long group of connected ally ways and back roads which will eventually lead us to one of the best viewpoints of Poole Harbour before coming back towards the hustle and bustle of Penn Hill.

The terrain is easy with a nice mix of trail, path, beach and ally’s with a bit of road at the end to bring us back to civilisation. During lockdown, this was one of my favourite routes as you got to avoid the crowds on main roads and paths and also see some beautiful views of Poole Harbour, the beach and Old Harry’s rock.


Weekend Locations and Routes

Days vary from Saturday and Sunday. Please view the event entry to see the upcoming day and date.

Meeting Place: Creech Hill Car Park, Grange Hill Road, Wareham, BH20 5PA
Distance: 17.73km
Elevation Gain: 586m

This route is not one for the faint-hearted and would suit intermediate and experienced trails runners only. We advise a running vest is worn with an extra layer or two as well as proper trail running trainers as 95% of the route is on mud and trail. 

As part of some of the famous national trail races which come to Dorset – this route has been slightly adapted to capture the best parts of running in Dorset. Views for days and hills…well for days too! 

Starting at the car park at the top of Creech Hill (Grange Hill) we will traverse up to the top of Flowers Barrow. We will run down (which is a big relief for most) Flower’s Barrow towards Worbarrow’s beach before heading straight back uphill towards Hobarrow and Kimmeridge. Once we hit Kimmeridge, we will take a left and run up through the muddy field to the ridge and back through the lost and slightly eery town of Teynham. We will plan to have a bit of a breather at Tyenham depending on how our levels of stoke are before running up back towards the car park where we first met.

Please bring your own snacks/gels and refreshments in a running vest for this one and an extra layer or 2 just in case the weather changes while out on the route or if anyone falls. The terrain underfoot is not always great and weather dependant. PLEASE prep for mud if there has been rain in the days leading up to the run.

I am yet to find a runner who doesn’t love this route. It is one of my favourites to train on for ultra’s as it has everything. It isn’t the easiest but by far one of my favourite routes in the whole of Dorset and I have tried to be kind with the uphills. The views will take your breath away and Tyenham is a lost village that is hard to forget once you have passed through.


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Please bring the following items with you:

Backpack/Hydration Vest
Trail shoes
Head Torch
Dry Top to change for afterwards
Rain jacket


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In an effort to keep our trails clean and preserve the nature around us, we're aiming to keep our outposts cup free. Please bring a cup or bottle to re-fill.



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