Meet the Team

Jay "Jayski" Medway

Role: Apparel Manager


I’m a vegan ginger trail runner from Bristol that started from nothing being an ex-footballer with a history of 8 knee operations to my name now I easily take on 50-mile races in my stride. In my 9-5 I make shop window displays - basically, art attack is my day job. By night and weekends you can find me running around the trails with my buddies, drinking beer, eating pizza and listening to 90s metal.

I found running after my dad died, which pushed me to focus on my mental and physical wellbeing and help me to survive the grief I was experiencing. Running for me is about the community which I've found within Maverick and within the running community in Bristol. This saved me and I can’t thank enough the friends and family I have made during the time I have been running.

One Trail Running Tip - Don't focus too much on your time and pace when starting out. See it as more of an adventure, look up and take in your surroundings, and think of it more as a day out. Don't get disheartened if your trail times are not as quick as your road times. It's totally normal.

Instagram - @jaytotheski

Favourite Maverick Race- Snowdonia it’s beautiful

2020 Goal- finishing the CCC if I get in

Years as part of the MTD- Second year

Favourite Trail running snack- peanut butter and banana.


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