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We are constantly working with our community to help us connect with other trail runners and to provide you with the best events and experiences. That’s why we’ve set up a unique panel of Maverick Race ambassadors, also known as the Maverick Trail Division (MTD). Our elite division are a group of highly experienced runners who champion our values and run most of our events. If you see one of them at an event please stop and say hello or, if you’re new to trail running, ask for some advice.

Becky Rendell
'Runner Bean'
Alex Van Tuyl
'Alex Van Cool'
Elyse Paulson
Chris Spencer
Julia Davis
'Jetpack Julia'
Ben Rajan
Maverick Local Heroes Logo

Our Local Heroes have been carefully selected as runners who embody the spirit of Maverick Race. They also feedback to us, helping us to push the limits in terms of what we can offer and how we can help you to develop.

David Patrick
Sarah Lofgren
Paul Christian
Mark Cameron
'The Average Runner'
Jay Medway
'Jay Ski'
Become an Ambassador
Apply to be an Ambassador for next years' events. Simply contact us and tell us why you run and what makes you the ultimate Maverick
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