Trail Running Tips


A 12 week plan from Tom Payn

inov-8 ambassador Tom Payn is a 2 x GB ultra trail athlete, 2.17 marathon runner, level 2 running coach & Ex-manager of Kenyan athletes. Together with his partner, Rachel, he founded Run, Namaste, Eat, a boutique coaching, running and yoga retreat. He’s shared a fantastic 12 week plan with us that’s suitable for all runners - beginners and pros.



The sessions are structured around effort rather than speed or distance, so plan will work for everyone, regardless of your current running level or ability (i.e. everyone in the same group is working as hard as each other but some people will be going a little faster). If you wish, you can use the plan to build up to bigger distances. 

To start, choose a group based on our Original and Dark series race distances (short, middle or long). Each group will then progress over the 12 weeks in such a way that by the end of the plan you’ll feel ready to begin at week 1 of the next group or to move on to bigger challenges.

You’ve got this... lets get started! 




Your journey starts here. Welcome to Maverick, we’ve got lots of tips to help you to train for your first race no matter your current level. Trail running is unpredictable so it’s important to consider weather conditions, a full stretch pre and post race and to be prepared by wearing the right kit. You can shop our apparel range here and download our 6 week training guide guide below...