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Sarah Lofgren
Aka: 'Yankeepanky'
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Recommended Maverick Race: The Maverick Silva Dark Sussex

I genuinely love kale!

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What I Do

When I’m not running or eating peanut butter cups, I’m generally hanging with my mini-maverick in training, aka my daughter Daisy. My day job is mainly teaching postnatal fitness classes to new mums, as well as some classical ballet and my own special brand of torture - Barre classes. I read books when I have time, I’m a terrible but enthusiastic baker, and I genuinely love kale!

Instagram - @yankeepankyruns

Best Race

Running my first 100km at Race to the Stones 2018 was pretty awesome because I wasn’t sure what that distance would feel like, but it turns out that it was absolutely amazing. Maverick Sussex was the first race with my Tom, and what a cracker of a day from start to finish. I took a wrong turn and went off the trail at Maverick after Dark Sussex in 2017, and some amazing runner came off the trail to find me and we stuck together the rest of the race. Total legend.

Plans For This Year

As much mountain running as possible - The Maverick inov-8 X Snowdonia for starters and we’ll see where the Ultra series takes me! Lots more running in the Pyrenees and hopefully an ultramarathon back home in California.

Favourite Running Kit

My Silva headtorch has saved my bacon more than once when I’ve miscalculated the number of daylight hours left. Donuts are life, and you can’t beat a peanut butter banana Tribe bar on a long run.