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Elyse Paulson
Aka: 'Bambi'
Age: 26
Recommended Maverick Race: Having now officially been to every single Maverick location at least once there are so many to chose from. However Snowdonia is the still the race that I would urge everyone to give a try. It is just so a special location and it is in wonderful Wales!

"If not me, who? If not now, when?"

Full Profile:
What I Do

I lead a strange double life of being a secondary Maths teacher in Wales during the week and then captain the MTD and fill every spare minute with something related to trail running in the evenings and weekends.

Why do I trail run with Maverick? Trail running is ultimately an individual sport, which is great as you are able to push your own body and mind to the absolute extreme. You are never racing against the clock, but against the terrain and the weather. However what makes Maverick so special is that all us individuals come together as part of a family to talk about our time on the trails and support each other in going further, harder and having more wild adventures.

Instagram - @e.runs.this

Best Race

Maverick Peaks - I didn’t actually race it, but I layed, checked and collected the routes and it was just amazing. The weather was glorious and those long days with a full rucksack of signs were some of the best of 2018.

Plans For This Year

The Maverick Ultras call to me, as do some of the Welsh Ultras, such as the Welsh coastal path and Taff trail events.

Favourite Running Kit

Inov-8 Roclite, I still swear by them even thought they aren’t the most technical shoe, they fit me perfectly and suit my need for something a bit less aggressive. Inov-8 Thermoshell padded jacket, it is amazing! Great for pre and post running.

Other favourite things;

- Chatting to runners post-race – just try and stop me! I love hearing people’s stories and how they have smashed the race and achieved their own personal successes!

- Green tea – anyone who has ever seen me in the morning will hear me refer to it as ‘the elixir of life’ it is the only things that gets me ready for the day.