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David Patrick
Aka: 'DP'
Age: -
Recommended Maverick Race: X Peak Snowdon
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What I Do

Am a Management Consultant assisting companies to solve their business and technology challenges, and to improve their business performance. Currently working at the NHS on their new healthcare models


Best Race

The best race of 2018 is a tough one, it is between two of the X-Series events, Exmoor and Snowdon. Exmoor was a brilliant course and stunning location but it has to be Snowdon as it was my first ever marathon - it won’t be forgotten in a hurry…. Also went to Chamonix for the first time with Maverick - running in the mountains was just awesome.

Plans For This Year

The main targets for next year are to do a number of marathon distances, include Exmoor. Also am booked on the Chamonix OCC - will be amazing to run the iconic UTMB route. And did someone say the Maverick Snowdon X-Series Ultra?

Favourite Running Kit

Favourite running gear has to be Stance socks, you just cannot have enough of them. Over the summer my favourite shoe has been the Inov-8 TrailTalon 290 - a great shoe for the hard-packed trails.