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Chris Spencer
Aka: 'Spenny'
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"The victorious warrior wins in his mind and then goes to battle. The loser goes to the battle hoping to win."

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What I Do

I'm an electrician by Trade and do a pretty hard days graft Monday to Friday, though happy to say I do enjoy my work. I enjoy even more to be lacing up at the weekend and heading out onto the trails with pals to get away for the weekend! Post run chats and beers a must Obvs…..

Why Do I trail run? It's pretty simple really...there's nothing like being outdoors. Running trails is away from busy city's, popular over congested roads, and hard monotonous pounding of tarmac. It can offer a great escape and take you to some really spectacular places.

Instagram - @runsonfruit

Best Race

… and favourite places include; running the on the North & South Downs. There’s some great trail routes and loops to enjoy there and it’s pretty accessible for me. Out of Dorking is preferable and there's a lovely pub in town if you finish there ;)
Outside of the UK I would have to say running in and out of Chamonix in France. Chamonix is like the European hub of trail running. So many great places to run and Chamonix is the perfect pre/post base. It is a slightly bias decision as I have ran a lot of races and spent a lot of time there. I'm sure there's some awesome hidden gems still to be found though, that's for an adventure another day!

Plans For This Year

The BIG goal for 2019 is to run the UTMB. Yep the big one, the 105 mile circumnavigation of Mont Blanc with over 10000m of elevation gain. Over the last 3 years I've managed to run all of the races in the UTMB series just leaving this big one (I'm still wearing all the wristbands too) if I'm lucky enough in the ballot to get a place then the year will include a lot of training time in the mountains to prepare...could be worse eh !
I got a real appetite for fast packing last year... which is running light and fast with just the bare essentials for a few days out on the trails, Sleeping rough in a bivvy for the hard-core or preferably in a refuge if possible !

Favourite Running Kit

Maverick Trucker Hat, Inov-8 trail shoes and stance socks. Bananas, Peanut butter, My friends, Long days of adventuring !