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Ben Rajan
Aka: 'Bajan'
Age: 29
Recommended Maverick Race: Original Kent

"Worse things happen at sea"

Full Profile:
What I Do

Automotive Engineering Manager at Jaguar Land Rover analysing vehicle testing to make sure the vehicles last! Outside of work I run (obviously), do some bouldering, hiking, camping, cooking and even enjoy the occasional beer. Instagram - @btnbajan

Best Race

So far it has to be OCC at UTMB week. The landscape, atmosphere and support were unreal (as my blog post says!) and it really feels like something special. But closer to home I loved the Maverick X-Series Peaks race. The long route was incredible and really opened my eyes to how amazing the Peak District is, add to that a failed sprint finish for the win; definitely a race I won't forget.

Plans For This Year

The year for me is split in two, starting from now until early April I'll be focusing on pace with a sub-2:45 attempt at Manchester; of course this will include some trail runs as I wouldn't be able to keep away for that long! Then after that I'll shift my focus to longer, slower and steeper things preparing for TDS at UTMB at the end of August.

Favourite Running Kit

I barely run a meter without wearing a Ciele cap! They feel comfortable, look good and I just feel odd not wearing one these days! For something more required, I love the inov8 X-Talons 212 for racing. They have so much grip but still manage to be comfortable; I even decide to skip my shoe change during the Lakeland Trail - Ultimate Trail 110km race as they were still feeling good. Manage to get to the end blister free!