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Becky Rendell
Aka: 'Runner Bean'
Age: 27
Recommended Maverick Race: Original Dorset

"She believed she could, so she did."

Full Profile:
What I Do

27 year old, Doctor of Physiology at Bournemouth University. OCR champion, MTD strong woman and all round power house.

Favourite OCR Race - Firstly I love to race and therefore am always racing. In 2018 there were too many to choose from.... so I squeezed in every one possible. Memorable obstacle course racing moments include breaking the ice at the Winter Nuts Challenge and several double podium weekends at events like Nuclear Races OCR and Tougher Mudder, plus travelling to Denmark (Europeans) and Norway (Toughest) to compete.

Instagram - @therunnerbean

Best Race

Amongst the Maverick race events I was so excited to win the long route at Hampshire this year over some wet speedy trails and return to win one of my favourite courses, the middle route at Dorset. Although if you give any a try and are up for a serious challenge than the X-series Exmoor event is an absolute must!

Plans For This Year

Following the 2018 OCR World Championships held in the UK, training will be stepping up and I’m looking to focus her racing in 2019 to major championship races, supported by the Maverick race series of course - there is always time to get outdoors and run with the MTD and Maverick family!

Favourite Running Kit

Inov-8 X-Talons, has multiple pairs of the same shoe in all colour options, because well a, girl can’t have too many shoes! Also matching with the other MTD ladies (Jules and Bambi) is always fun. A little trio of trail running class! #GetAGrip