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Alex Van Tuyl
Aka: 'Alex Van Cool'
Age: 26
Recommended Maverick Race: X Snowdonia

"Sushi or marzipan?"

Full Profile:
What I Do

AVT - 26, born in the rolling hills of Dorset and currently living in London. Spend most of my spare time trying to get out of the city and out to the hills or the sea! Works in the city in a fairly niche financial job, which pays the bills and funds the very frequent trips to the hills!

Instagram - @tuylalexvan

Best Race

Despite all the far flung places I have run, the isle of Purbeck still holds a special place in my heart. Just a lot of fantastic little trails, and a bit of every terrain, from beach's to forests, to rocky hills. May not be the most extreme place, but it is glorious!

Plans For This Year

Sub 2:30 at the London marathon. Also want to try and be competitive in the CCC if I get in. A few other adventures are also planned, such as a second attempt at the GR20 trail in Corsica, so I'll be keeping the Maverick page updated!

Favourite Running Kit

Peanut butter (classic), post-race beer (lad), inov-8 waterproof jackets, stance socks, ciele caps (#hipsterrunning) and bed. Really big fan of bed!