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Lauryn Bentham
Aka: 'Lauryn Ava'
Recommended Maverick Race: Maverick Original Powys 2017
Full Profile:
What I Do

I’m a spy but don’t tell anyone……!When I’m not at work I’m a volunteer fundraiser for Macmillan cancer support.

I love VW’s, especially split screen campers and it’s my dream to own and travel around the world in one, one day. Love anything outdoors especially when it involves mountains. Obsessed with St Bernard’s!

Instagram - @lauryn_ava

Best Race

Maverick Original Powys 2017 - a mammoth run with outstanding views. It was my stand out moment in running where I knew the trails were my passion and that being in the mountains is where I’m best and at my happiest - One I will never forget! Closely followed by Maverick Somerset.

Plans For This Year

After my success of doing 52 events in a year for Macmillan (all distances), in 2017- 2018 this year I will be attempting to do as many marathons and ultra marathons as I can to raise money and awareness for Macmillan and skin cancer. winning the lottery would also be nice so I could be a full time plodder / runner. I would also like to show people to be a runner you don’t have to best fast, it’s about being out there and enjoying it (sometimes even with an ice cream!)

Favourite Running Kit

Summer - Buff pack run visor

Winter - Any of my Riggler beanie hats