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Mark Cameron
Aka: 'The Average Runner'
Recommended Maverick Race: Maverick Snowdon
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What I Do

After a successful corporate career I decided to re-prioritise my life, quit my job in order to spend more time at home. I am currently a part time gym instructor and a self-employed consultant in London. Both these roles help me continue what i enjoyed most in my career, coaching and training others in continuous improvement - the subject matter can change from process improvement through to personal improvement, but the principles are the same.

Instagram - @mark_cameron_runner

Best Race

I've been spoilt, having run most of the Maverick races, so have been to some fabulous locations, plus I’ve done some Sky running events in the mountains of Madeira, England, Scotland and Northern Ireland.  I always make sure I spend at least a few days in the area with my wife after the races so we can enjoy the locations together.  If i had to pick my favourite place I’d say Brecon Beacons, it's within a few hours’ drive of where i live (Hampshire), it has some decent sized hills/mountains, the people are friendly and the food and beer is great.  

Plans For This Year

After the Glencoe Vertical KM and Salomon Ring of Steall this year i planned to retire from racing. I kind of still do, i don't want to compete so hard, but i do want to continue exploring, running, and helping people. At the very least i will be doing a number of Maverick events, probably a mixture of Original and X/Ultra Trail Series, i will vary my distances and plan to run amongst runners rather than trying to run ahead. I love to chat while running so feel free to say hello and ask for help when you see me

Favourite Running Kit

I've been doing more mountainous and fell running events over the last couple of years, I noticed the majority of runners at these events favoured Inov-8 trainers so I treated myself to some Mudclaws. These have served me well at events such a Scafell Sky race and Salomon Ring of Steall this year, super comfortable, great grip, and hard wearing. Food wise I'm still experimenting, I love real food so have really enjoyed boiled baby potatoes which have been on hydration points at quite a few races recently including some Maverick X-Series events I’ve ran at.