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Jay Medway
Aka: 'Jay Ski'
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What I Do

I am the Display Supervisor for Harvey Nichol’s. My job is like Art Attack every day. I get to create and build window and interior displays daily. I'm a ginger, vegan trail runner from Bristol and extremely accident prone.

I took up trail running to get away from the roads, cars, and noise. Because it takes me to places I wouldn't usually see. Also for the community and friends that you make.

Instagram - @jaytotheski

Best Race

So far it's the West Highland Way. I was there this summer and it was beautiful to have the long hours of daylight to run in. Closer to home, running across the Clifton Suspension Bridge at night when it's all lit up and it looks very majestic

Plans For This Year

Hopefully I will get into the CCC this year then I will focus all my races around this, as well as my normal yearly local runs The Green man Ultra and Buncombe ultra marathon.

Favourite Running Kit

Food essentials are bananas, peanut butter, pizza, chips, and beer. 
Kit essentials are  Stance socks, they are comfy and come in awesome designs . This also includes Well-fitting underwear, no one likes a chafing bra.